Monday, 5 September 2011

New Elle Skin Range at [BLUSH]

If you are looking for a fabulous new skin then you are in luck because this week sees the new release of Elle, the amazing new skin range from [BLUSH].  Elle is available in two different skin tones of Style as shown above, which is perfect for anyone who likes a pale tone, and also Tan as shown below.

Both of the tones are available in a wide variety of make-ups, each with grogeous eyeshadows and beautiful sparkling lips.  There is a make-up style to suit everyone from vibrant pinks and reds to the nude options.  Elle really is a stunning new skin range not to be missed and will be on sale at [BLUSH] this week, so follow the link below to try on some demos and choose your favorite.

Elle Skin Range from [BLUSH]


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