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Monday, 19 May 2014

Amelia Gown @ ::PM::

Pictured above is Amelia in Beige, the latest release from PurpleMoon Creations.  This beautiful gown is available in eleven different colours and the long gloves are included.  Follow the link below to PurpleMoon Creations to check out this gorgeous new release.

Amelia Gown from ::PM::
Felicity Hair from Truth
Curiosity Shoes from Miamai

Pose from The Muse Poses

Monday, 21 April 2014

New Luxe Collection @ MIAMAI

If you have not already checked out the new Luxe Collection at MIAMAI, then head over there now to get your hands on some fabulous spring items.  Pictured in this post are two of the new outfits from the Luxe collection with more to follow. 

Wearing (Pic 1):
Anita Dress and Garters from MIAMAI
Fleur Hair from Truth
Gold Bracelet from [glow] studio
Indifference Pumps from MIAMAI

(Pic 2):
Bianka Jumpsuit from MIAMAI
Hair from tram
Jewellry from MG - available at the Monochrome Fair
Make-up from Baiastice

Poses from The Muse Poses

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Flaming Dress @ VERO MODERO

If you are looking for some some new spring items for your wardrobe head over to Vero Modero and check out the new spring collection.  Pictured above is the brand new Flaming Dress, prefect for your next beach party.

Flaming Dress from Vero Modero
Hair from Lelutka
Sandals from Aoharu
Sunglasses from Leezu
Jewellry from Miel

Pose from Del May

::PM:: @ Monochromatic Fair

Check out the fabulous Maia Dress by PurpleMoon Creations available exclusively at the Monochromatic Fair.  The Maia Dress comes with a HUD to choose between three different patterns.  Follow the link below to the Monochromatic Fair, which is open until 2nd May.

Maia Dress by ::PM:: on sale at the Monochromatic Fair
Hair from tram
Cuff from (epoque)
Clutch from *faun

Pose from Everglow

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Brandy Dress @ PurpleMoon Creations

Check out the fantastic new release from PurpleMoon Creations - Brandy.  Brandy is the perfect casual dress for spring and is available in seven bright and bold colors. 

Brandy Dress from PurpleMoon Creations
Kiko Hair from [taketomi]
Earrings from [HANDverk]
Eye Make-up from Baiastice
Lipstick from [[LD]]

Pose from The Muse Poses

Kia @ Miamai

The beautiful Kia Gown from Miamai. Kia is available in ten gorgeous colors, each comes with the regular Miamai mesh sizes.

Kia from Miamai
Sophie Hair from [taketomi]
Earrings from Paper Couture

Pose from The Muse Poses

Vero Modero @ Gypset Market

Above: Vero Modero Spring @ Gypset Gold Market

Above: Vero Modero Spring @ Gypset Silver Market

Check out these gorgeous Spring sets from Vero Modero as well as many other fabulous bargains at Gypset Gold and Silver Markets.

Wearing (Pic 1):
Spring Dress from Vero Modero @ Gypset Gold Market
Legertha Hair from Truth
Necklace and Watch from Miel
Make-up from Baiastice

(Pic 2):
Spring Dress from Vero Modero @ Gypset Silver Market
Harumi Hair from [taketomi]
Bangles from Izzies
Necklace from [glow] studio
Lipstick from Essences

Poses from The Muse Poses

Sunday, 9 March 2014

MIAMAI - Bridal Collection

If you are currently planning your wedding and want some stylish dress ideas, then look no further than Miamai.  The 2014 Bridal Collection is now on sale and includes some of the most sophisticated and unique gowns I have seen in SL.  Pictured above is the Alendra wedding gown and below is the Gille gown in Blush.

And one of Miamai's best selling gowns has also been transformed into the spectacular Shae Wedding Gown pictured below.  Shae is available in two shades Moonlight and Powder.

This Bridal Collection is by far the best I have seen inworld.  You can follow the link below to check out the rest of the collection, including the bridesmaid dresses.  The shoes worn above are special editions of Miamai's Barbarella and Xanadu Pumps, color matched to fit perfectly with these fabulous gowns.

2014 Bridal Collection @ MIAMAI

Saturday, 8 March 2014

MEB Kyoto

Check out the very chic Kyoto Dress by MEB, on sale now at Gypset Gold.

Kyoto Dress by MEB on sale @ Gypset Gold
Hair from booN
Leather Wallet from le primitif on sale @ Fameshed
Earrings from HANDverk
Lipstick from [[LD]]
Eye Makeup from Miamai

Pose from The Muse Poses

Saturday, 22 February 2014

::PM:: Donna @ Gypset Market

Check out the gorgeous Donna dress from PurpleMoon Creations, now available at Gypset Gold Market.

Donna v2 Dress (Valentines Edition) from PurpleMoon Creations now @ Gypset Gold
Bacall Bob Hair from Paper Couture
What a Stud Earrings from (epoque)
Eye Make-up from Miamai

Pose from Del May

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Vero Modero - Tres Vest and Pants

One of my favorite releases since my return to SL blogging is the Tres Vest and Pants outfit by Vero Modero as pictured above.  The outfit comes with an asymetrical brown cotton vest and also the pants.   Follow the link below to Vero Modero to check it out and cast your eyes over the other fantastic releases.

I seem to have had a fear of the real hands and feet that arrived in SL some time ago but after seeing some shoes I liked at ANE (that were compatible with Slink feet) I took this opportunity to try them out - and the result is I totally love them, with hands being next on my shopping list!

Tres Vest and Pant Brown Cotton from VERO MODERO
Aura Shoes from ANE (to be worn with medium height Slink feet)
Bag from Nanan
Boyfriends Watch and Mix and Match Necklaces from Glow Studio
Cubist Ring from epoque
Spellbound Hair from !lamb
Lipstick from Baiastice

Pose from Label Motion

Miamai - Vali

As part of The Style Icon Fair Monica Outlander from Miamai has designed the fabulous Vali Collection.  The Vali collection is very bohemian in style and was inspired by the wonderful Vali Myers.  It consists of four different gypsy blouses, slacks, belt, fox necklace and a Vali Myers iconic face tattoo (you can see the full face tattoo here).  All pieces from the collection are sold separately and are available at The Style Icon Fair by following the link below.

Vali Collection from Miamai - available at The Style Icon Fair
Hair from !lamb

Pose from Everglow

Blanchette @ Miamai

The next round of Enchantment is now open and the theme is Little Red Riding Hood.  The Blanchette Gown by Miamai as pictured above is Monica Outlander's outstanding contribution to the event.  The Blanchette Gown is beautiful and elegant with a touch of innocence.  The gown is only available at Enchantment so make sure to follow the link below to Enchantment before March 1st, when this theme will end.

Blanchette by Miamai - only available at Enchantment
Hair from booN
Earrings from Paper Couture

Pose from Everglow

Friday, 7 February 2014

Daphne @ Seldom Blue

My SL blog posts have been few and far between over the last year due to additional rl comitments.  I now have more time again for SL and want to thank the fantastic designers who still pass me their items to blog.  I plan to make up for lost time and blog some of the wonderful items I have only only had time to look at up until now and I start with the gorgeous new Daphne lingerie by IndigoBlue Dagostino of Seldom Blue.  Seldom Blue has always been one of my favorite lingerie stores and I just love this latest release. Daphne is available in six different colors (pictured above in cream) and each come with two different types of bottoms.

IndigoBlue has always been very kind to her customers and has also put out a Daphne dollarbie.  For a limited time only you can get the black version of the underwear along with a special gift - the Daphne mesh nightie.  Follow the link below to Seldom Blue to check out this gorgeous new release.

Daphne Underwear from Seldom Blue
Haven Hair from Truth
Poses from Everglow

Aria Gown @ PurpleMoon Creations

Pictured above is the very beautiful Aria Gown by PurpleMoon Creations.  The Aria Gown is the latest group gift from PurpleMoon's designer Poulet Koenkamp.  Follow the link below to head over to the store and check it out now.

Aria Gown by PurpleMoon Creations (Group Gift)
Stella Clutch from House of Fox
Felicity Hair from Truth
Eternity Minx Stole from Lethal @ Kustom9
Luxe garnet Lipstick from [[LD]] Cosmetics

Pose from Miamai

MEB Contrast @ Gypset Gold

This months Gypset Market is now open and pictured above is the fabulous Contrast Outfit from MEB, on sale at the market now.  You can get your hands on this outfit by following the link below to Gypset Gold.  The outfit includes the pants, jacket, bra top and shoes at a really great price!

Contrast Outfit by MEB available @ Gypset Gold Market
Cowhide Tote Leather Bag from Ricielli
Stephania Hair from Truth
Love Always Necklace and Earrings from Earthstones
Eye Makeup from Miamai

Pose from Miamai

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

MEB Noel @ Gypset Gold Market

Pictured above is the super fabulous Noel Outfit from MEB, which is currently on sale at the Gypset Gold Market.  Follow the link below to the market to grab this outfit before it disappears and check out the other amazing offers….and as it’s New Years Eve, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

Noel Outfit from MEB at the Gypset Gold Market
Candy Hair from Truth
The Birkin Bag from Ricielli
Heirloom Pendant from Paper Couture
Milly Lipstick from Baiastice

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

MIAMAI :: Blacklabel :: The Golden Thread

  ...            The Golden Thread        ....
    An Epiphany in Four Parts

The creatives of MIAMAI have gathered together for the fourth year of their triumphant Black Label series of fashion events. Join us as the year closes and wind your way into the forests of the night. Come, follow the Golden Thread on a journey that will take you to the heart of life and love.

December 7th, 2013
   1st public show:  1.15 pm - 2.15 pm SLT
   2nd public show:  2.30 pm - 3.30 pm SLT

Location: MIAMAI :: The Golden Thread
Every attendant will be required to wear a mandatory outfit that will be provided upon reaching the event location.

Due to the nature of the event, the spots on the sim for each show are very limited ; however, we are providing different means to follow the show for those who can't get in: Livestream, to follow the event starting from 12pm SLT

Live blogging on Plurk:

Live blogging on Facebook:

After the event, the venue will be open to the visitors for a month.

With the participation of:
  . Aesthetica
  . A:S:S
  . ContraptioN
  . Metatheodora
  . PXL Creations
  . Slouch Poses
  . Wasabi Pills
  . The Basilique Performing Arts Company
  . sian pearl + Kitti Wytchwood
  . Spirit Light Dance Company
  . ChangHigh Trinity Sisters
Visual Artists:
"The Golden Thread":
  Aemeth Lysette
  Clem Velinov
  Ganymede Galaxy
  Dita Actor  
  Kynne Llewellyn

"A Story Of Details"
  Anna Sapphire
  Calima Dufaux
  Carthalis Rossini
  Chii Kimagawa
  Dagmar Haiku
  Eve kazan
  Grazia Horwitz
  Harper Beresford
  Katime Vacano
  Lada Leeroy
  Nadja Baxter
  Petra Messioptra
  Saleena Hax
  Shae Sixpence
  Shortcake Sugarplum
  Tania Tebaldi

Machinima: Forren Ashford, Thalia Heckroth
VVON VOICIC™ ; Production House, Studio, Copy, Exhibit est. 2013
The Magazine
DavidThomas Scorbal Scripts

CONCEPT: Monica Outlander
BLACKLABEL MODELS: Amita Yorcliffe, Anna Sapphire, AnnaG Pfeffer, Caoimhe Lionheart, Carley Benazzi, Dragonia DeCuir, Tania Tebaldi, Zaara123
BLACKLABEL MANAGEMENT: Grazia Horwitz, LaurelRose Anthony,Magenta DeVinna, Shae Sixpence, Shiloh Fouroux, Winter Jefferson

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Erinne Gown @ Miamai

This was definitely a great week to return to blogging, especially being met with the new Erinne gown by Miamai.  This beautiful rigged mesh gown comes in five sizes and ten different colors, with added detail of bows and buttons on the front and back.

Erinne Gown: Miamai
Messy Bouffant Bun: Paper Couture
Princess Jewelry Set: Donna Flora
Lipstick: [[LD]] Cosmetics

Poses: Miamai

[ZE] Trisha Dress @ Gypset Market

After a long break from blogging to concentrate on a RL project I am back.  My first post is for the Trisha Dress by Zanze, which is available at the Gypset Market on the Best of Italian sim.  Follow the link below to check out lots of new and exclusive items at fantastic prices.

[ZE] Trisha Dress from Zanze on sale @ Gypset Market
booN WKM795 Hair
The Vice Grip Spiked Bag from *faun
Trinity Earrings from epoque
Lipstick from Loovus Dzevavor

Poses from Miamai