Sunday, 31 July 2011

SugarDoll Skin @ Agy's Secrets

New at Agy's Secrets this week is the fabulous Sugardoll Skin, which is available in four different skin tones.  Pictured above is the pale Sugardoll Skin in Pink, the pink lips and eye shadow perfect for the summer months.  Sugardoll also comes with various make-up colors and the option of blush on the cheeks, along with a push up option to give a more defined cleavage.  

And as a gift to all Agy's Secrets customers, you get the fabulous Sugardoll Violinist Skin as pictured below for free.  This gorgeous skin really is a gift not be missed.  So head over to Agy's Secrets now and try on some demos.  Worn with the Sugardoll Skin is the new and very sexy Serenity outfit from Graffitiwear, which also comes with two types of shorts, a mini skirt and nude pasties.

Also worn is the new Belleza Nails and Fiori Earrings from the summer collection at Glow Studio.  The  nails come in various styles with cute rings attached, and the earrings come with two sizes.  There are many other fabulous new releases at Glow Studio, to check them out follow the link below.

Sugardoll Skin from Agy's Secrets
Serenity Outfit from Graffitwear
Belleza Nails and Fiori Earrings from [glow] studio
YN0421 Hair from booN
Heart Chain Belt from MEZZO

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