Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Kajsa Dress by Miamai for My Second Childhood Fundraiser

The extremely cute Kajsa Dress was designed by the wonderful Monica Outlander of Miamai as part of the My Second Childhood Fundraiser.  My Second Childhood Fundraiser has been organised by Voshie Paine, who recently had a child very close to her diagnosed Leukemia.  Although it is hoped that the child will make a full recovery, the process is long and drawn out and of course will have a huge impact on the family both emotionally and financially.  Voshie has kindly come up with this fantastic idea to help raise funds for the family and is being helped along the way by various designers and members of the public.  The Kajsa dress as pictured above is designed very much with childlike features, consisting of a sculpted skirt with a big cute bow around the waist and finished of with sculpted sleeve frills, a dress females of any age will adore.  You can buy the Kajsa dress at Miamai by following the link below and a percentage of the cost will go towards the My Second Childhood Fundraiser.  The Fundraiser is due to finish around 17 January so you still have all weekend to check out the items and contribute towards this very worthwhile event.

Kajsa Dress from Miamai

Click for: Taxi to the Fundraiser

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