Sunday, 13 December 2009

Naughty Christmas Dress

I remember spending time last christmas looking for a cute and sexy christmas outfit that I loved but I never found exactly what I was looking for. Then yesterday I bumped into the very beautiful Peri Portal, who was wearing this fantastic xmas outfit and was so very kind as to tell me where she bought it...thanks Peri. This super sexy xmas outfit is from NADAS Fashion and is priced at a very reasonable 55L$. If you were lucky enough to be part of the NADAS Fashion group you would have received it free a few days ago but luckily Nada Daviau has it out for sale upstairs in her store.

This is my favorite xmas outfit ever and not only do you get this very cute asymmetrical little dress but you also get the underwear and xmas star tattoos as seen above. It's cute, it's sexy and it's a great price but if NADAS Naughty Xmas Dress is a little too naughty for you then there is also a little less revealing xmas outfit, which is just as cute. Unfortunately I did not have time to add it to this post but follow the link below to NADAS and you will find these gorgeous xmas outfits.

It is the first time I have been to NADAS Fashion and I have definately been missing out, this store sells some of the cutest and sexiest designs I have seen in SL and at such reasonable prices too, definately not to be missed!

NADAS Naughty Xmas Dress from NADAS Fashion
Hair and Skin from Laqroki
Boots from Bliss Couture

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