Friday, 18 December 2009

Fior Di Perle

Liz Skin - Pale

Top Left: Copper Makeup Red1 Lips Lips
Top Right: Smokey Makeup Natural1 Lips
Bottom Left: Dark Blue Makeup Natural 2 Lips
Bottom Right: Natural Makeup Pink1 Lips

Liz Skin - Sunkissed
Top Left: Smokey Pink Makeup Pink1 Lips
Top Right: Smokey Purple Makeup Natural2 Lips
Bottom Left: Copper Makeup Natural1 Lips
Bottom Right: Green Makeup Red1 Lips

Liz Skin - Brunette

Top Left: Dark Pink Makeup Natural Lips
Top Right: Black Makeup Dark PinkLips
Bottom Left: Green Makeup Red Lips
Bottom Right: Smokey Purple Makeup Copper Lips

For all you skin lovers out there, I can show you the most recent release from Fior Di Perle. The new Liz skin comes in three skin tones of Pale, Sunkissed and Brunette as seen above. Each skin tone is available in nine different makeup styles. I have tried to include a mixture of the makeups above. Each pack includes four skins with different lipstick colors and even a shape, lashes and facelamp (please note I am wearing my own shape on pictures above).

Fior Di Perle skins are not only extremely pretty skins which look fantastic with any outfit, they are sold at a very reasonable price of 990L$ for each pack of four skins. So if you want to treat yourself to a pack of beautiful skins to spice up your christmas outfits, then head over to Fior Di Perle now and try some of these gorgeous demos.

New Liz Skin from Fior Di Perle
Saeya Hair in WheatiesBlonde from Miau Haus

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