Saturday, 20 June 2009

Funky Festival Fashions

While it poured down with rain today I started thinking about what I would wear for an upcoming music festival, which led me to thinking - what would I wear to a SL music festival? I came up with two outfits incorporating some new items I picked up at Milk Motion recently. As anyone from England will know it is very unusual for a festival to go by without any rain, so for my first outfit I found some wellies...or gum boots as I hear they are called in the US :)

Here I am wearing one of my favorite tops from Untone Quilt, which you can wear plain or with some cool little items sticking out the pockets, along with these funky cut out leggings from Milk Motion and to complete this festival outfit, the burgundy spotted rain boots from ETD. I would never take an umbrella to a rl festival but in sl anything is possible so i added this cool Rainy Days Are Fun Umbrella that i came across in Attituede Poses.

My second festival look is for when the sun comes out after the rain. Here i am wearing the Vintage Fringe Dress (Wolves) from Milk Motion with some plain black leggings from Emery and my favorite grungy boots Ecorce from Toxic, along with this very stylish wool Styler Cap from Deetalez. And because there is little point putting on make-up in the mud and rain of rl festivals, I decided to wear the Angel Skin from FNKY in nude to keep a clean fresh look.

Picture One:
Cotton Linen Top - Untone Quilt
Cut Out Leggings - Milk Motion
Plaid Scarf - Emery
Hair - Shop Seu
Tea Flower Hairband - Eolande
Taped Fingers - I Love 13
Skin - Angel Medium in Nude from FNKY
Umbrella - Attituede Poses
Rain Boots - ETD
DivA'd Celebrate Life Bangles (left) - RFL item from STELLAR
Multi Colored Bangles (Right) - Fishy Strawberry

Picture Two:
Vintage Fringe Dress - Milk Motion
Leggings (part of outfit) - Emery
Ecorce Boots - Toxic
Styler Cap - Deetalez
Heartwood Necklace - Earthtones
Summer Stacked Bangles (left) - Armidi
LalALa Bracelet (Right) - LeeZu
Hair - Jess in Ivory from Truth
Skin - Angel Medium in Nude from FNKY

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