Sunday, 24 April 2011

Tiny Bird Closing Sale

The Painted Flower Dress by Tiny Bird is one of a many summer dresses I loved last year but never got round to buying, so when I read the notecard to say Tiny Bird was closing I headed over there to grab this fabulous dress before it was too late.  Tiny Bird has been around for a long time, selling high quality hairs and clothing and it's very sad to see such an amazing secondlife store closing down.  Autumn Hykova, the fantastic designer behind Tiny Bird has very generously set all items on sale until the 30 April when the store will close.  All hair packs are on sale at 100L and fat packs for 300L, and there is 50% or more off clothing.  So if you want to get your hands on these cute and stylish designs, follow the link below to Tiny Bird before 30 April 2011.

Hey Jude Hair and Painted Flower Dress from Tiny Bird
Paige Skin from Illusory

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