Friday, 29 April 2011

C'est Moi - Kissface

During the Euphoria Fashion week, I had a look round the Euphoria sim and found a store that I totally love called C'est Moi.  It really is great to still walk around secondlife and find fabulous stores that I have not yet come across before.  I am not sure how long this store has been open but I am very happy to have found it.  Marcantonio Beaumont the designer behind C'est Moi creates some very cool and funky designs, including this dress - Kissface.  The dress is available in a few different looks but I just love the unique design of Kissface, with the little red heart at the bottom adding a tiny spot of color to the dress.  C'est Moi also sells some very cool shopping bags and jewelry and is well worth a visit, if like me you have somehow missed this amazing store.

Kissface Dress from C'est Moi
Rykiel Hair from LeLutka
Wide Bangle from +plus
Paige Skin from Illusory
Naturals 02 Lipstick and Freckles from Miamai

Pose from Di's Opera

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