Thursday, 3 February 2011

My New Baggy Pants

It's amazing what can now be achieved in the fashion world of SL, I remember when I first joined pants were just pants with a very standard style but with the new advances such as sculpted prims, SL pants can really take on a very realistic look.  The new Baggy Pants from DeeTaleZ is a perfect example, with two additional stylish leg attachments giving a very authentic look.  They come with three different types of bottoms worn above is the wide leg option but they also come with short, slim and puffy options, all for an extremely reasonable price.  The baggy pants are great to add to any casual outfit but also have great versatility, with the numerous options available you can create any look from cool and casual to city chic.

Baggy Pants in Blue from DeeTaleZ
Loose Tank in White from NINIKO
Gold NASA Jacket from GATO
Lounging Panties from elymode
Pure Sneakers from 2REAL
Lazy Susan Bag from Modern Gypsy
Splash Shades from Surf Couture
Milla Hair from Maitreya
Plain Jane Skin from Mynerva

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