Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Funky Fashion Finds is Back for 2011!

I started this blog some time ago in 2008 along with the Funky Fashion Finds Flickr group but most of my fashion posts went onto the Too Sexy and Icon blogs and I did not have time to update Funky Fashion Finds.  Due to a lack of SL time and a new start for 2011, I decided to leave my SL blogging jobs and concentrate only on this blog with fashion related designs that insire me and getting Funky Fashion Finds back in full swing.  My new found time in SL is great and now I have time again to check out all the cool and funky fashion releases around the grid once again.  My first post of 2011 is an outfit I put together recently for a casting and is of course of a casual nature, for full credits see below. 

Happy New Year to anyone who still reads this blog and keep watching for regular updates.

Boots from Sweet Leonard
Hat from AY-LINE
Cardigan from Concrete Flowers
Skirt from LeLutka
Shirt from MNK
Tights from Slow Kitchen
Socks from Eclectic Apparel
Necklace from Whippet & Buck
Skin from Curio
Hair from
Bag from Courtisane


  1. Adorable outfit and picture. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks for reading Ivey, glad you like it :))