Saturday, 30 January 2010

Mohna Lisa Couture

For any fans of the stunning designs of Mohna Lisa Couture, the Beautiful Katime gown as pictured above is one of the latest releases. I recently had the honour of being chosen as Miss Mohna Lisa Couture 2010 and not only did I win the fabulous prize of opening the Mohna Lisa Show with KUBAKI agency, I had this gorgeous and elegant gown named after me. Beautiful Katime is desiged with a breathtaking silver and gold glittering texture and the skirt consisting of many metres of light sparkling tulle just glides through the air as you walk. A big thank you to Mohna Lisa firstly for choosing me to represent her designs and secondly for this absolutely stunning gown.

Follow this link to get your hands on this fabulous gown and to see the other beautiful designs of Mohna Lisa Couture.

Photo by Mohna Lisa

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