Thursday, 17 December 2009

Cute Christmas Outfit

If you have read further down you will have come across the Naughty Xmas Dress from NADAS Fashion, well this is the second Christmas Outfit by the same designer that was mentioned on that post. This cute and sexy outfit is certainly not to be missed. For only 150L$ you get two options of the dress (one as pictured and the second with a prim skirt and bodice style top), the christmas stars full body tattoos, santa hat, gloves, boots and even...yes just wait for this...the hair and skin!! I have never come across such a bargain in SL so if you are looking for the perfect xmas outfit, then look no further. The flexi skirt is designed with a matching white underlayer and each part of the outfit trimmed with soft white fur, even the boots as pictured below.

This is one store I am very happy to have come across, there are many super sexy designs at very reasonable prices and most items are great to mix and match with. Follow the link to NADAS Fashion to check out these awesome designs.

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