Sunday, 4 January 2009

Free Gift :)

Today i decided to tidy my inventory for the new year but within the first few minutes of this mammoth task i came a across a free gift from *UnToneQuilt* that i had picked up the other day...wasting no time at all and giving up on my inventory task i put on my free gift to check it out and was sooo happy to see this very cool sweatshirt:

Perfect for a SL camping trip in the countryside or for lounging around at home in and it comes with three layer options, which is great if you want to wear it with a jacket, or wear the shorter version with a t-shirt so many options hehe, this is just the best free gift i have found in ages.

Sweatshirt: *UnToneQuilt*
Shoes: Periquita
Hair: Eat Rice
Skin: Lionskins

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