Monday, 29 December 2008

Tiered Brown Skirt

On my day out to the winter sale at Creators Pavillion I found the wonderful MNK*SHOP, full of some very cool and funky designs. I saw this gorgeous tiered skirt and after about 10 minutes of deciding which color to buy i decided on the brown:

And after trying it on i have decided to go back and get another color too hehe, this skirt is so well designed it needed no adjusting at all and it flows so elegantly at the slightest movement...

It is now my new favorite skirt and i decided to wear it with this very chic shirt from ::Mocca:: This shirt is great, it comes with three different styles so wonderful to mix with other outfits, here i added the ruffles on the front and the long sleeves with small cuffs, giving a much more practical look to what i am accustomed to, or a librarian look as Robertt mentioned earlier hehe...well whatever the look, i shall be wearing it often :)

And to complete this look, i wore my super sexy brown heeled boots from League, a very recent and delightful addition to my inventory.
Shirt: ::Mocca::
Heeled Boots: League


  1. this is very interresting i love little cool boutiques and stuff like that. i would love to see it in real life

  2. thankyou for looking raven :) i agree, it would be very cool to see more of these types of boutiques in rl rather than all the large high street stores lining the streets