Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Glitter Hair

While at the last Relay for Life show I saw the most cool hair worn by one of the models. I hate being inspected myself but to see something so great i could not resist and inspected this cool hair to find that it came from Glitter Hair. On arrival at the main store I discovered many new styles that I had not yet seen. The four below are my favorites of the new styles but head over to Glitter Hair now as there are many more.

Top Left: Rawsyowki
Top Right: Smack
Bottom Left: 1st Anniversary Hair
Bottom Right: Polo

All from Glitterhair


  1. Great job, Kat and Leilani!!!
    I'm a follower!! *hugsss* from Sea

  2. YAY our first follower...ty Sea glad you like it :))