Tuesday, 29 December 2009

InfiniTies for Ladies

Long gone are the days only men could be sexy in a tie, the modern day sees women of all ages and styles wearing them and with the new InfiniTie from Shiryu Musashi now available for the ladies of SL, it brings about a whole new transformation. For those of you who have not yet saw the InfiniTie from Musashi-Do, you can find out more by watching this video.

The InfiniTie is worn with one of the newly released ladies shirts from Musashi-Do or any garment showing the InfiniTie Logo (as seen above) and what a choice you have. The shirts come in three sets of classic, trendy and christmas edition, each with its own set of colors and three wear options of tucked, bare midriff and untucked. You wear the shirt with the matching collar and flexi tie attachment and then wear the InfiniTie mini hud to change the tie to your choice of texture/color, the hud can then be removed. The choices are endless with this revolutionary system and you have the option of buying a set or buying separate shirts and InfiniTies to mix and match with, creating a wide range of flexibility.

As all fans of Shiryu Musashi will know, this fabulous designer is a hand-painting activist, who uploads each texture time after time to gain his unrivaled level of quality and perfectionism. If you want to get your hands on these new InfiniTies or check out the other fantastic designs at Musashi-Do just follow the link below.

Style Credits
Picture One:

Red Christmas Edition Shirt Tucked with Green/Red Striped InfiniTie from Musashi-Do
Wool Pants in Black from LeLutka

Audrey ain't Havin it Hair in Dirty Blonde from Posh

CatEys Skin Dark from Nuuna's Skins

Mia Ring from Miel

White Classic Untucked Shirt with Red/Black Tartan InfiniTie from Musashi-Do
Widepants in Black from mocca
Neva Hair in Anxious Blonde from fri.day
GP Petal Breeze Mudslide 2 Skin from Curio
Red and Black Earrings from J and W Jewelers

Picture Two:

Blue Trendy Tucked Shirt with Black/Purple/Pink Striped InfiniTie from Musashi-Do
Ricari Black Skirt (part of the Ricari Dress) from Digit Darkes

Sinaed Black Winter Boots from League

Cassie Hair in Anxious Blonde from fri.day

Sweet Augustine Intoxicated Skin from Tyranny Designs

Ballerina Cufflet from JCNY

Picture Three:
Hot Pink Bare Midriff Shirt with Black Striped InfiniTie from Musashi-Do
White Leather Pants from Muism
Grace Hair in Natural Blonde from LeLutka
Sweetheart Skin in Honey from CUPCAKES
Black Pearl Drop Earrings from Paper Couture

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