Friday, 11 December 2009

Brocade Princess

If you are looking for the perfect gown for your formal parties over Christmas and the New Year, then look no further than the new release Brocade Princess gown from Musashi-Do. Designed using a heavy brocade texture and available in six warm colors, Brocade Princess is the perfect choice this winter. The beautiful brocade pattern is hand painted, true to form for Musashi-Do designs, and each texture uploaded numerous times to achieve this unriveled perfection.

Brocade Princess is defined by the low cut and very gorgeous heart shaped bodice with low riding sash to show off those hour glass shapes. The sash can be worn with the brocade pattern, or as a solid color as in the pictures above. To complete this fantastic design Shiryu added these long elegant velvet gloves to match. The design also comes with layer options, perfect for anyone wanting to add an extra layer such as a jacket to create your own personal look. Shiryu Musashi is by far one of the most talented designers in SL and if you have not yet checked out his fabulous store Musashi-Do, then follow the link below to get your hands on Brocade Princess or to see some more sensational designs.

Style Credits:
Brocade Princess gown from Musashi-Do

Ghost Hair in Kit Kat from !lamb

Melusine Necklace and Earrings from Muse

GP Petal Skin Breeze - Cerulean from Curio

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