Thursday, 29 October 2009

Tender Blossoms

If anyone wants to get their hands on the latest release from the oldest Italian fashion brand in SL, then head over to Musashi-Do today to pick up the very beautiful Tender Blossoms dress. Tender Blossoms with its far eastern appeal is the latest high quality and exquisite design by Shiryu Musashi of Musashi-Do. Shiryu recently graduated from a top RL Fashion Academy in Italy and uses the extensive knowledge of fashion and current trends learnt, to create these breathtaking designs.

The textures used in Tender Blossoms as in all Musashi-Do designs, are all hand painted with intricate detail and uploaded numerous times to ensure a design of exceptional quality and style. Aside from the amazing patterns Shiryu creates, I love the versatility of these designs. Tender Blossoms comes in four stunning colors, each can be styled in many different ways to create your own look, from keeping it simple to keep the far eastern feel, to adding a leather jacket and some biker boots to create a more casual look, the possibilities are endless.

There is nothing better in RL or SL than feeling good in the clothes we wear and I can assure you that Tender Blossoms sure is a delight to wear.

Picture One:
Tender Blossoms Dress from Musashi-Do

Picture Two:
Tender Blossoms Dress from Musashi-Do
Jacket from Aoharu
Hair from UncleWeb Studio
Nylons in Buff from Pretty Legs

Picture Three:
Tender Blossoms Dress from Musashi-Do
Loupe Top from LOOKR (no longer in stock)
Hair from Glitterhair

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