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Monday, 21 April 2014

New Luxe Collection @ MIAMAI

If you have not already checked out the new Luxe Collection at MIAMAI, then head over there now to get your hands on some fabulous spring items.  Pictured in this post are two of the new outfits from the Luxe collection with more to follow. 

Wearing (Pic 1):
Anita Dress and Garters from MIAMAI
Fleur Hair from Truth
Gold Bracelet from [glow] studio
Indifference Pumps from MIAMAI

(Pic 2):
Bianka Jumpsuit from MIAMAI
Hair from tram
Jewellry from MG - available at the Monochrome Fair
Make-up from Baiastice

Poses from The Muse Poses

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Brandy Dress @ PurpleMoon Creations

Check out the fantastic new release from PurpleMoon Creations - Brandy.  Brandy is the perfect casual dress for spring and is available in seven bright and bold colors. 

Brandy Dress from PurpleMoon Creations
Kiko Hair from [taketomi]
Earrings from [HANDverk]
Eye Make-up from Baiastice
Lipstick from [[LD]]

Pose from The Muse Poses

Vero Modero @ Gypset Market

Above: Vero Modero Spring @ Gypset Gold Market

Above: Vero Modero Spring @ Gypset Silver Market

Check out these gorgeous Spring sets from Vero Modero as well as many other fabulous bargains at Gypset Gold and Silver Markets.

Wearing (Pic 1):
Spring Dress from Vero Modero @ Gypset Gold Market
Legertha Hair from Truth
Necklace and Watch from Miel
Make-up from Baiastice

(Pic 2):
Spring Dress from Vero Modero @ Gypset Silver Market
Harumi Hair from [taketomi]
Bangles from Izzies
Necklace from [glow] studio
Lipstick from Essences

Poses from The Muse Poses

Saturday, 9 November 2013

SHIKI @ Gypset Market

This month the Gypset Market takes place at two locations – Gypset Silver and Gypset Gold, both at the Best of Italian sim.  One of the fabulous designers participating in this months Gypset Market is SHIKI, who has an item on sale at both locations.  Pictured above is the Tokyo Stroll outfit by SHIKI, which is on sale for only 99L$ at Gypset Silver.

The second of the SHIKI items on sale is the beautiful Dazzle Gown, which is on sale at Gypset Gold for only 390L$.  Follow the links below to grab these gorgeous designs before this months market comes to an end.

Wearing (Pic 1):
SHIKI Tokyo Stroll Outfit from Gypset Silver
Stefany Hair from Baiastice
Connie Bag from B@R
Little Sparrow Bracelet from MG
Limelight Ring from Paper Couture
Eye Makeup from Miamai

Pic 2:
SHIKI Dazzle Gown from Gypset Gold
KBO906 Hair from booN
Burst Earrings and Ring from [HANDverk]
Lipstick from [[LD]] Cosmetics

Poses from Everglow

Monday, 4 February 2013

Anigma @ Miamai

The gorgeous Anigma mesh gown from Miamai.

Anigma Mesh Gown from Miamai
Slick Back Hair from Loovus Dzevavor
Diamonds and Pearls Earrings from Paper Couture
Skin from Atomic
Lipstick from Baiastice

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Laylak Dress from Vero Modero

The Laylak Dress from VERO MODERO

Available in four soft colors and four bright colors (pictured above in soft blue)

Laylak Dress from Vero Modero
Billy Hair from Baiastice
Lien Skin from Atomic
Make-Up from Miamai

Pose from Miamai

Monday, 2 January 2012


Laetitia Jewelry Set in Gold from Finesmith (also includes earrings)

Laetitia Jewelry Set from Finesmith
Nuvolo Dress from Baiastice
Oscar Hair from LeLutka
Paige Skin from Illusory
Metallic Eyeshadow from Miamai
Pink Lipstick from Medley

Uma Menina 05 Pose from Nox.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Lace Kimono

I put this casual look together a few weeks ago for a casting I was going to but never had time to blog it until now.  It consists of some of my favorite items including these super cute high waist shorts in a polka dot design from C'est Moi!, the Jyo Boots from Baiastice, and Lace Kimono from -tb- that I picked up at an amazing price at C88.

Distressed High Waist Shorts from C'est Moi!
White Lace Shirt from Iren (part of outfit)
Black Lace Kimono from -tb-
Jyo Boots (sock included) from Baiastice
Leggings from Dutch Touch
JetSet Crocodile Tote from Voix
Garbo Shades from LeLutka
So Long Necklace from [glow] studio
Stereo Hair from !lamb
Paige Skin from Illusory

Pose from Miamai

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Day 4 @ Elan - Santa Baby

12 Days of Christmas @ ELAN

DAY 4 - Santa Baby (as shown above)

Follow the link to the Elan mainstore to check out these fantastic daily offers as part the 12 Twelve Days of Christmas Event

Santa Baby Dress from Elan
Sukiu Hair Attachment from Baiastice
Femme earrings from [glow] studio
Times Square Ring from Paper Couture

Friday, 19 August 2011

Crochet Mini Dress @ DCNY

New at DCNY this week is the super sexy Crochet Mini Dress.  Designed with a fabulous knit texture on the back and sides, and crochet front leading to the delicate straps that cross over on the back.  The dress is available in nine gorgeous shades, some in solid color and some in contrasting colors as above.  It comes with matching panties and a tintable option to match with your skin.  The Crochet Mini is perfect for that sexy look on a night out or for more of a cute look when worn over a bikini for a day at the beach. 

Crochet Mini in CeriseOcean from DCNY
Leather Charming Flats from [AL] (Abi Latzo)
My Tote Bag from Milk Motion
Splash Shades from Surf Couture
Isha Armband from Mashooka
Belleza Nails and Ring Summer from [glow] studio
Nadja Hair from Maitreya
Paige Skin from Illusory
Milly Lipstick in Rose from Baiastice

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cover Dress from VERO MODERO

There have been so many fantastic new releases at VERO MODERO so far this summer and above is the Cover Dress in black that I picked up for the monthly contest.  The cover dress is by far one of the sexiest dresses I have seen in sl but designed in a way that still keeps that very chic and elegant look at the same time as being very sexy.  The dress also comes with a cute little matching hat and collar giving a distinctive look.  Worn above with the Cover Dress is the Lacetta Heels from VERO MODERO and Stella Clutch Bag from House of Fox.

Cover Dress and Lacetta Heels from VERO MODERO
Stella Clutch Bag from House of Fox
Sukiu Hair Attachment from Baiastice
Cybergirl Bracelet and Energy Earrings from Finesmith
Paige Skin from Illusory

Monday, 30 May 2011

Rock'n Style @ K-CODE

New at K-CODE this week is the amazing Rock'n Style Outfits.  The outfits consist of this very cool cropped rock chic style jacket along with a complete outfit including boots, skirt, shirt and tights.  This high quality jacket is a must have item for your wardrobe and is really great to mix and match with.  It comes with two different sizes and are designed using an alpha layer along with prim parts.  The jacket has unique detail down the front and back of seams, zips and pockets, and comes with rolled up cuffs and a collar.

It's quite rare these days to get boots included in an outfit, so it's great to get these additional matching boots especially in such high quality, they really are a pleasure to wear.  The shirt also comes with added prim cuffs, and the collar and skirt have two different sizes.  Both the jacket and boots are worn with an alpha layer, so you do need to be using Viewer 2 (or similar) to wear both.  There are 5 outfits in total in this new Rock'n Style range, each with a different color of jacket and slightly different outfit.  To check them all out, follow the link below to K-CODE.

Rock'n Style Outfit from K-CODE
Billy Hair Attachment and Hair Base from Baiastice
Snake Earrings from Glow Studio
Paige Skin from Illusory
Monica Make-Up Dark Desires 04 from Miamai
Infinity Nails and Ring from Love Soul

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Traveller Outfit

This fabulous Traveller Outfit by Fishy Strawberry is currently available at The Dressing Room for only 65L.  The outfit comes with the Fishy Strawberry Cashmere Sweater, which you can currently buy at the main store as a single item, along with these superb pants soon to be released.  The pants are designed with two prim parts, the first part made with a very realistic texture adding a great dimension to the pants and finished off with the second part consisting of cute ties just below the knee.  This really is a fantastic offer with both the sweater and pants being great for mixing with other items to create some awesome spring looks.  Follow the link below to The Dressing Room to grab the full Traveller Outfit for only 65L, before it goes.

Traveller Outfit by Fishy Strawberry @ The Dressing Room
Destructural Unkleboots in Brown from Baiastice
Mini Bag 02 from DCCXXIII
Voluminous Scarf Hair and Scarf from Maitreya
Plain Jane Skin from Mynerva

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

La Petite

In rl this week I am suffering with flu so I thought what better way to cheer myself up than to go SL shopping for some new winter boots. I found soo many I loved I just could not decide on a pair but what I did come across was this very cool and funky Fur Gilet from Madsy and teamed it up with the new release La Petite in rose dust from Aleida. La Petite is available in numerous colors and is perfect to mix and match with other items. Short, stylish and chic with much versatility. The fabulous Fur Gilet is available from Madsy in three different colors and each come with three size options, perfect for any winter wardrobe.

Style Credits:
La Petite in Rose Dust from Aleida
Fur Gilet in Silver from Madsy
Alannah Hair in Seaspray from Truth
Destructural Unkleboots in Brown from Baiastice
SilkGirl Yu Skin - Natural from DrLife

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fabulous Funky Swimsuits!

Well as anyone who knows me well will know, my favorite sl passtime is being out sailing with the very gorgeous Robertt. But navigating through the sl storms to the nearest little cove has to be done in style so when I came across these fantastic swimsuits I knew they would look just perfect for my weekends at sea. Above I am wearing the absolutely stunning Loto Swimsuit in Fuscia from Baiastice, which is available in a variety of wonderful colors. I teamed this up with the very cute Rainbow Bag a new release from DCNY and Elle Loves Bows hair from Posh.

My second swimsuit is the very cool and rather retro Sabrina Swimsuit in red from Artilleri. This polka dot swimsuit is also available in various colors, and the gorgeous design will not only leave you looking super sexy but also very sophisticated. Some may question how useful a bag would be while trying to steer a boat but a girl needs accessories right, so here I added the summer basket with flowers from Muism, to give a summery and chic feel to the look.

Picture One:

Loto Swimsuit from Baiastice
Rainbow Bag from DCNY
Elle Loves Bows Hair from Posh
Ladybug Glasses from FNKY!
Jelly Tots Necklace and Mahjong Bakelite Mooncake Bracelets from Fresh Baked Goods

Picture Two:

Sabrina Swimsuit from Artilleri
Summer Basket from Muism
Bridgette Hair in Seashell from Truth
Marla Sunglasses from Artilleri
Shades of Romance Bangles from luc