Monday, 29 December 2008

Winter Sales

Yesterday i spent some time looking around the winter sale at Creators Pavillion and I am so happy at some of the bargains i picked up, many of the shops there are taking part in the winter sale and there are some outstanding items! I have still not had a chance to look at them all yet but what i did manage to extract from my inventory was this new bag from :::Last Ride:::. Yes, at the start of my day i was waiting at the bus stop with my puppy in the bag from Zoobys (who still does not have a name, so any ideas let me know) and when i left the shops i had this very cool patchwork bag on my shoulder :) Complete with knitting needles and a little rabbit sticking out the top. So if you have nothing to do right now, get yourself over to Creators Pavillion and grab yourself some bargains!!

Puppy Bag: Zoobys
Patchwork USAGI Bag: :::Last Ride:::
Hair: Gurl 6

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